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Our extensive range of solid timber staircases has developed over the last 30 years from simple straight flights to complex multi-landing and curved designs. All of our timber staircases are manufactured from the very best ethically sourced lumber available. We use New Zealand clear Pine, beautiful WA Jarrah, NSW Blackbutt, American White Oak, French Oak, American Black Walnut and can source others if required.

Timber Stairs Perth

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Timber Staircases to Suit Your Style

Timber Stairs Perth crafts timber stairs to enhance any residential or commercial areas. We appreciate history and stay up-to-date with on-trend styles to meet your design aesthetic, from elaborate Victorian to sleek minimalist.

  • Traditional Timber | These stunning designs with ornate details and contrasting finishes are ideal for Victorian and Federation homes
  • Classical Timber | For a simple, elegant look in a variety of finishes, these designs never go out of style
  • Curved Timber | Bring a sense of glamour to your space with sweeping lines equally suited to a traditional or modern style
  • Contemporary Timber | Contemporary designs incorporate a variety of materials including glass, steel and stainless-steel wire for a one-of-a-kind look

Your new timber stairs will be crafted from only the finest, ethically-sourced lumber. Popular wood choices include:

  • New Zealand Clear Pine | With its light-yellow shade and faint grain, pine is suitable for painting or staining. This wood is a clear winner for its versatility
  • Western Australia Jarrah | Featuring a unique wavy or interlocking grain and deep red, brown, and burgundy shades, Jarrah provides a warm, classic look
  • New South Wales Blackbutt | Blackbutt can be light brown, cream or pinkish in colour. It’s even texture and straight grain make it suitable for polishing or staining
  • American Oak | This versatile wood has a light to medium brown hue and distinct grain pattern to give your staircase a unique appearance. It is a classic choice that is also used in cabinet making
  • French Oak | With a distinct grain and yellow-brown shading, French Oak presents a well-worn, one-of-a-kind look
  • Tasmanian Oak | Featuring a straight, even grain and a range of pale shades like cream, pink and reddish-brown, this wood offers an excellent surface for staining. Tasmanian Oak works well with a variety of styles
  • American Black Walnut | Sought-after for its range of rich, brownish tones and straight, even grain, this wood has a lustrous quality that truly stands out

Traditional Timber

The beautiful staircases that feature in the Victorian and Federation houses in our older suburbs can be recreated by our craftsmen in the finest detail.

This style of staircase often referred to as Hamptons features darker timber such as Jarrah or a combination of timber treads with a contrasting painted finish for the posts and balusters and risers. Traditional staircases also feature many ornate details such as turned posts and balusters, post caps or ball tops and extended ‘D’ steps at the bottom which can be either square or curved shaped.

Many of these staircases are enclosed underneath and can feature decorative panelling. These staircases are rarely just functional and are often in the entry hall where they create the grand style of the home. Browse through the images below to view some of the beautiful traditional timber staircases that we have built.

Classical Timber

A classical staircase features many of the elements of the traditional style but they are not as ornate and have a simple but elegant look.

These designs can feature either a cut or standard stringer at the side and can have either a timber or painted finish, or a combination of both. A beautiful feature that is often used in a classic style is to have an extended ‘D’ step for the first step or the first 2 or 3 steps. Detail can also incorporated into the stringers to match skirting boards.

Browse through the images below to see some of the beautiful classical solid timber staircases we have manufactured.

Curved Timber

A home that features a curved staircase always has a sense of ‘Hollywood’ glamour.

The beautiful sweeping lines are always elegant and can have a modern or traditional style.  Our craftsmen manufacture the stairs almost completely in our factory using time honoured methods that have changed very little over the last few hundred years and they are then disassembled and rebuilt in situ.

Browse the images below to see some of the curved solid timber stairs we have constructed.

External Timber

External timber stairs can be made with either timber or steel stringers but they must be made with a hardwood such as Jarrah or else treated pine to withstand the rigours of the weather and pests.

To assist with water disbursement the treads are designed in two pieces to allow a 10mm (approx) gap between them and have a number of grooves for traction.

All external timber requires regular maintenance to keep it looking and performing at its best.

Contemporary Timber

A contemporary staircase can encompass elements of many styles including open or closed risers and offers the opportunity to really individualise your staircase.

This style allows, for example, some retro design features to be used such as timber balustrade with an insert of wrought iron or stainless steel rods either vertical or horizontal.  The retro theme can be continued on the treads using square nosings and an undercut stringer.

The detail on a contemporary staircase is not as ornate as the more traditional styles but not as sleek as the modern style.

Why Choose Timber Stairs Perth

We built our reputation on our high standards for our work. We believe you can only get Majestic Stairs from exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

Depending on your project, we’ll use high-tech industry equipment or traditional techniques that have been a hallmark of prestige building for generations.

Our dedicated team bring years of carpentry work experience and many talents when working on timber stairs and balustrades. The final touch will be to your total satisfaction, and we promise our service quality will impress you.

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